Our Mission

To Protect Children, Strengthen Families, and Build Community.

Our Vision

All Children Grow Up in Safe, Stable, Nurturing Families, and Communities.

The Need

The last few years have been difficult ones, especially for our youth. While Sarasota continues to be a popular destination for new residents and is known for its vibrant beaches and tourist hot spots, the cost of affordable housing for those who call the Gulf Coast home continues to rise. The combination of the pandemic and the shutting down of schools and other social outlets has produced a teen and family crisis.  

Parents find themselves needing more resources to care for their youth in crisis and many youths find themselves homeless as a result of a mental health crisis.  

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, our shelter has been a place of safety and solace for youth whose entire families were displaced because of the storm.  

Jaylen's Second Chance...

When they asked me to go along to rob a store, I didn’t know they had a gun. When shots were fired, we were all arrested and charged. I was so afraid. I count my blessings every day that the judge gave me another chance, and for the youth shelter. The shelter helped me look at hard truths and how I was responsible for my actions. If it wasn’t for the shelter, I would have gone right back to the streets. Now, I’m getting straight A’s in school. I feel like I have more hope now. The Youth Shelter helped me make the most of my second chance and got me going in a different direction. I think the shelter saved my life.

Casey Couldn’t Go Home Again...

Her only coping mechanism was to withdraw from everyone. Her teachers didn’t know what to do. Her grandmother was at her wits end.

Then Casey came to our youth shelter. Over time she began to come out of her shell. With counseling services, recommendations to the right residential facility, and other supports Casey is thriving.

Casey, and so many like her, find hope at our Youth Shelter. They tell us if it wasn’t for the Youth Shelter, they wouldn’t have survived.

We Got Our Lisa Back...

The youth shelter was our last resort. The caring shelter staff helped Lisa manage her emotions.

They helped us create structure for our family. Through family counseling and therapy, we learned how to communicate with each other. Now Lisa is back home. And family time is enjoyable. If it wasn’t for the shelter, we are sure we would have lost Lisa.

We are forever grateful.